Need Doctor in Miami, Tampa or Orlando W/success & EXP Doing African American Rhinoplasty?

  • ConfidentlyMe
  • Ocoee, FL
  • 2 years ago

I am an African American woman in Orlando, Fl seeking a highly trained, board certified surgeon with extensive experience and success doing African American Rhinoplasty procedures. I've been told during a consultation that I have thick nose skin and a bulbous tip. I would like to have work done on my nose that still allows me to "look like me" but with a more balance and in harmony nose. I don't want to looked operated on. Is this possible? I need the right surgeon in my area? HELP!

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Hi, what doctor did you use and are there any before and after pics? Thnx
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I'm so glad you found the right surgeon for you! I can't wait to hear more.

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Thank you for connecting Angie! I absolutely will share my story once I've had my surgery. I have been heavy in the research stage for the last month and I am happy to say I have found the perfect plastic surgeon for my Rhinoplasty procedure!

I have to give much credit to RealSelf. This site and community is awesome and was very helpful in my search process. I read the responses regarding African American Rhinoplasty and because of the active surgeons on the site, I realized I needed to find someone experienced with ethnic noses.

Thank you!

Now that I've found a Doctor in Miami with excellent experience working on ethnic noses..I have completed my consultation with him. Now...I am in the process of saving just a bit more money with plans to have my surgery done in June '12.

I will post this in the link you provided so others can see!

Can't wait to share the whole journey once it begins!
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From this angle, I think your nose looks pretty and straight! But here is what some doctors have to say about African American Rhinoplasty in general and finding a surgeon who can do it well. This doctor from Miami has answered quite a few questions on RealSelf about African American Rhinoplasty (not that I'm endorsing him in any way, but he seems to have a big interest)

You can find more doctors near you by clicking the Find a Doctor tab.

I hope this helps and we'd LOVE you to start your story in our AAR review community!

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