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Doctor to fix ipl/laser genesis damage

  • Daisydog2004
  • 1 year ago

Is there any doctors that can treat or help laser ipl damage? I am in Maryland but willing to travel. 3 weeks after 4 th treatment

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Now that the swelling has went down I have severe pain and fat loss more on one side of my face than the other. I went to a plastic surgeon and he asked if i had bells palsey. I said I have never had any health issues or been on any medication in my life. I told him as the swelling went down (it has now been 5 weeks) The severe fat loss is now taking place. My cheeks are completley flat and on the one side of my face I look like I have been in an accident or had a stroke. I look like 2 different people from one side of muy face to the other. It is like half of my face was burned off. My jawline is skin and bones. The doctor said I most definately have muscle and nerve damage. There is no fat or structure left. I am not really sure what to do. I have an appointment at a burn clinic next week but the damage is already done. Just trying to figure out what to do from here
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Dear DaisyD I can't believe someone did this to you. I do mean I believe you, but not the fact something like this goes on daily and the one who performed this procedure continues to go on their merry way. I was looking at pictures of myself that had been taken three months before my procedure and photos since then and I have that same melted face look. I have always had a full check face but now it looks like someone who lost 75lbs quickly. I have deep lines which appears as the support tissue of skin and fat are desolved. The only thing that helps our appearance most have discussed here is fillers which are temporary and not ideal on the checks and fat fillers which uses your own fat from other areas of your body to inject into your face. That is pretty expensive. I would hope you would be wary of any doctor who wants to treat with more laser. We can only hope some genius is out there who has a treatment maybe something with our own cells that will repair our damage. I hope you find a doctor to help and keep us all posted. We all are searching and hoping. Best to you
Hi Daisydog, I am sorry to hear this happened to you. I have the exact same problems as you. Four years ago I had Pear Fractional done at Dr. Susan Baskins in Maine and the procedure left me with scars, pits and lines all over my mouth area. My face looks very different because of all the fat loss. I have been to many doctors and no one seems to have an answer for me. I am depressed all the time. Please tell me if you have found anyone to help you.
Yes I have the stretched pores lines in every direction. When my face is red and inflamed it is harder to tell. I also have terrible burning along my jawline with zipper like marks all along my cheek and jawline. A zipper like mark going up into the corner of my eye near my nose and outer corner with noticeable fat loss everywhere. Under my eyes is completely flat, my cheek is sunken in and skin hangs along the jawline. I have scar above my upper lip. I have deep acne like holes iall over my cheek. When I tried to put make up on it looks like craters. The pores are small and deep under my eyes and huge around my smile lines. I have lines around my mouth similar to your photos and deep 1/8 inch wide rope like marks near my smile line. I am not sure how to attach other photos that show this clearer
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Have you seen Dr Tina Alster in DC? She is supposed to be a laser specialist. Maybe she can help.
No. But I will look into an appointment with her. Thanks
I am sorry you have had to join those who seek help from damage done by IPL and laser treatments. The photo may be misleading I do see bright pink on your cheek, Is that the damage you are talking about or do you have texture problems and lines that some of us have? Maybe a photo outdoors in natural light and explain the damage you have now. I guess you had three others with no problems?
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Also the skin on my face is hanging. The fat loss is horrible and I can't imagine it getting worse. I feel like it destroyed all of the collagen and fat in my face. I really cannot believe the changes that I see when I wake up in the morning. I cannot stop looking at it throughout the day. This is like a nightmare
To add photos go to your My Profile and do an update and you can add more photos. I am not sure if you went to a doctor or someone else but have you gone back to show them the damage? Did you or did they take photos before the treatments? I know you have a hard time not looking because you can't believe how quickly they can damage you. If you read most of doctor's comments you will hear them say they have never seen this in their practice or they find it "hard to believe" that IPL could do this damage because it is "impossible" for it to happen.I hope your case is different and they are willing to help you heal. You can try botox and fillers for areas around eyes and mouth it does help even if it is temporary. It should be treated as a burn because that is what happened to us. Look for a doctor that deals in this type of skin repair. Come with pictures of before if you have so they have something to compare. Take supplements such as Vit C, Alpha Lipoic Acid,Bromelain all deal in healing skin tissue. Look for gentle products that you can find in health food stores brands I like are Acure or Avalon they are made from plant source. I know it is difficult to deal with but try to find a professional that believes you and is open minded enough to help. Good Luck and best on your healing.

I am attaching a link to our Maryland Doctors.  Start here and your will be able to make connections and obtain information on each doctor.  

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