what do I do about my doctor not taking enough fat from my stomach during lipo?

  • Dusty1234
  • 3 years ago

I had lipo done one month ago. I have harding areas, but I also have fat left in the upper abdomonal area. Before the surgery I was told he could make my stomach flat. Now he is saying that he couldn't take all the fat and my stomach still looks good. I am 5'8 and 140. My point is I can understand not taking out ALL the fat, but he left to much. I can grab two handfuls. I should not be able to grab fist fulls of fat after paying to have the fat removed. He just keeps saying I look good and he has seen women with larger stomachs. This is not the point and shame on him for making me feel like I should be gratful for my size. I went to him to remove the fat, not to tell me afterwards be grateful that I am still small. I know the hardness in the lower abs will go away, but the fat will not. Can I expect a refund? What are my legal options since he says I look better than my before, but not much?