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Doctor Distances Himself After Collapsed Nasal Cavity After Cosmetic Surgery?

  • tpcdude
  • 2 years ago

i went to a reputable cosmetic surgon for cosmetic nose work. when i was 14 (im now 47) i was raped and beaten and it happened in the country where my family swept it under the rug so i never saw any doctor or hospital care, but my nose healed and i had no breathing problems. i am cherokee and my nose was large before and after the beating and thats what he was to work on. he did recognize the previous break, and didnt seem to be too concerned. after 6 months of healing he finally got so anyway, i cant breath through one nostril, he looked at it and seemed quite surprised and said that the break in my nose had not mended properly. i asked if he should have seen me sooner to watch out for the broken nose complication. he immediately backed away and tried to shove me off on some other nose surgeon with the cheerfull answer that this was a insurance type of nose problem so it would be payed for by insurance. is this guy a low life incompetent or is this what can be expected

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I'm truly sorry you went through what you did. That sounds horrific. Not sure what your doctor might've meant by it being "an insurance type of nose problem that would be paid for by insurance". Does that mean he will revise it at a reduced rate? Or that he's washing his hands of the whole thing?

If you're interested in checking out rhinoplasty revision (which, I myself have had), you can find that community here.

I hope this helps! 

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Complications indeed happen, and every plastic surgeon has a revision rate. I've heard it averages 20% or higher, given how complex of a procedure.

Personally, I too broke my nose at a young age. The doctor straightened it out, but left we with damaged breathing and a hump. I blame myself for not being more selective of who did the procedure (pretty sure he was an ER doctor). I've spoken to facial plastic surgeons who are confident they can revise it, just not ready for taking this on!

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