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What Doctor To Choose For Silikon Acne Scar Filler? (photo)

  • msaid
  • Falls Church VA
  • 1 year ago

I am having trouble deciding either Dr Barnett (father) in New York or Dr Eric Joseph in New Jersey for Silikon Acne Scar filler. Both are wonderful, good bedside manner, and experienced. I would be traveling from Washington DC, so its a hike to either place! Opinions would be appreciated! I have spent 1000's on lasers, peels, derma rollers so I want the best results possible (scarring is quite shallow, "saucer" like, not bound down, on cheeks and jaw, and I am of Middle Eastern decent)

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I saw Dr. Channing Barnett last spring as I was scared horribly by a doctor in Buffalo in a procedure on my cheek. She did a wonderful job and I plan on seeing again for some tweaking. She was extremely knowledgable with I was ecstatic with results! You may have had the procedure but for anyone considering with scarring do not hesitate.
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I went with Dr.Barnett, but I think you can go with either and have a great experience. I had only one session done and I may go for my second with Dr.Eric because there's only a few touch ups left for me. As for you, it looks quite minor and you'll be quite happy with the results with whomever you go with. I was in the same dilemma, in the dc area ,needing silikon 1000, but time wise it was easier for me to go to Barnett though he cost $150 more.
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