I am going to ask my doctor about a breast reduction on Friday

  • Wormie
  • Saint Louis, MO
  • 3 years ago

What should I know so I can go into the appointment armed with information? I am 21 years old, and a size 38F I am only 5'2, so I have a hard time finding bras that fit correctly (the underwires of the bras that fit stab my armpits) I am so tired of the back pain.

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Great! Good luck!
I went to my regular doctor, he said he would approve it. :D
I still have to go see a plastic surgeon, but I am really hopeful.
How did your appointment go with your doctor?
Good luck with your appointment. Just make sure you give your doctor lots of information and make sure they document everything for you. Things to report are any back, neck, or shoulder pain, any medications you have used to treat it,(even if it is just Ibuprofen)do you suffer from any numbness in arms or shoulders? Have you ever had physical therapy, chiropractor, massage therapy? All of these things will help with the insurance approval once you see the plastic surgeon.
Hope all goes well!