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What to do with upturned nose?

  • twiggy90210
  • USA
  • 4 years ago

i was born with an upturned nose (see attached photo) and im now seeking cosmetic rhinoplasty, but im not sure which type of nose would suit my face or what procedures i should have done, i've awlays liked adriana lima's nose but im not sure if that could be a possible outcome considering my starting nose. please help me. thanks! pictures would be appreicated!

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i would actually get surgery for myself to get your nose. i would die for that!
I know this is an old thread/post etc. Hopefully you havent done anything yet. It may help others even if you have. I am TOTALLY IN FAVOR of plastic surgery when it can radically change your life. Its a bummer that looks have such an impact but they simply do. I would highly recommend surgery in your case if you had something that needed fixing, but, at least from this view, all I see is a very attractive chica. you're hot baby! Either you somehow look very different from a frontal view or you need to change your self perception. get a book called psycho cybernetics by max maltz. it deals with this and his motivation was, just so happens, results he saw from plastic surgery that stunned him (i.e. people would go from being ugly to beautiful and not see a difference in the mirror and others would be almost re-born etc). summary: you are hot and I'd definitely hit on you! good luck : )
You're very pretty how you are. I'd consider it a good feature.
Don't change a thing. You have a gorgeous nose!
From what I see in your picture you're a unusually good looking girl. Before my Rhinoplasty I would have told you that I was the ugliest person alive. But now, looking back I see that my perception was just insecurity. You don't have to take my advice when I say that you look alot better than average and don't really need a surgery, but it's what I wish someone had told to me.
I know you won't want to listen to me but I would not do anything to your nose from what I see.