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Has anyone been disfigured by overcorrection of Sculptra and returned to pre Sculptra state?

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I am at 22 months after Sculptra injections of only 2 vials and look so off balance and overvolumized.  Is there anyone who has gone through this and returned to preSculptra state?  Is this disfigurement permanant or does it all go away? I have seen many posts where people claim they get arthritic pain throughout their body from this horrible product.  I am one of those people.  Why on earth is this injectable still being used when it can be so harmful in some individuals

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Most of us on this thread are normal healthy women but use sculptra for cosmetic reasons no HIV related.
I look disfigured now people are actually looking at me funny I'm 11 months post
Hi Roni, I want to tell you that it does get better. You are probably at your worst right now and it will very slowly go down. I am over 2 1/2 years post Sculptra and still look strange but the volume has gone down considerably. I still have on and off swelling and I feel the shape of my face has been changed permanantly for the worst, but I don't get the stares I used to get. Sculptra is a horrible product and it makes me so angry that it is still being used in spite of all the complications it causes.
Yes . I really had hope in sculptra but now I'm angry that I messed with this product. Im 30 and look 10 years older. Pics don't lie. Thanks to sculptra
I would never ever use this again.
I don't even care about the $1,290 I spent. But the depression I'm going through because of this is 100 times worse. I know there are probably lots of great fillers on the market but sculptra is awful. My friends thought I had a stroke. It can't get much worse than that I was a singer and gave in a big wedding band but gave it up because I feel so unattractive.
I feel so alone and helpless
I get so mad when I read Dr respond that edema after Sculptra will all go away, so I needed to tell my experience. I am 4 years post my last Sculptra injection, been so sick I lost everything including my self. I Was on every medication on the market including steroids. I still have fluid (edema) that is my biggest problem right now and it keeps going, not as bad but still continuing. I might have one day every 8 weeks when am back to normal. Like a lady stated she looks puffy, yes that how I would explain it. Look older. Will it go away I believe so but no one knows when, it takes a long time. I look much better year 4. I fortunately did not get any body problems as it seam some people did, if its from Sculptra I don't think any one knows. Some Dr stating that an autoimmune disorder is the reason for Sculptra problems. I went to the bottom of that and did every test under the sun, came back all normal no autoimmune disorder. So I don't think only autoimmune causing problems.
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I've had the same problem...At what mark does it start to go down? It's aged me about 10 yrs. Miserable...
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I'm approaching the 2 year mark myself after just 2 treatments too, and it seems to be Fuller than ever!! I'm actually underweight but my face looks massive! It's so upsetting. They said 2 years...what a lie
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So sorry to hear about your negative Sculptra experience Gabby17. Unfortunately, so many people are coming forth with Sculptra complications. Quite a few doctors stopped using it because it's so unpredictable. It not only looks massive but reconfigures the face in such an odd way. It's a horrible product. Do you get swelling?
No I've been lucky that I don't get swelling or anything like that, it's just a general over fullness. I'm praying every night that if begins to dissipate.
You are very lucky you don't get the swelling, it is an allergic reaction and as long as the product remains, so does the swelling. I understand where you're coming from about the fullness. I've talked with several people and all say it gets better over time. Unfortunately, it's a very slow process and small decreases in a span of months. You will be fine.
How many vials of sculptra did you receive over the course of the 2 treatments? I had over growth after 2 treatments as well. Pretty scary. It's changed my face shape completely and has hardened my face. in hindsight, probably not the best candidate for sculptra as I'm pretty young and wanted targeted fullness in my cheek bones. Just waiting it out for it to go away...
I had 2 vials at one session. I refused to come back for another session as my instincts kicked in pretty quickly and I realized this was not right for me. I created a lot of volume early on and continued to grow and peak at about 8 or 9 months. My face shape has changed also. What used to be a soft looking face is now a mannish, high and wide cheekbone face and wide jaw. My chin is almost gone. Horrible stuff! When did you have your injections?
I got mine 3 months ago...meaning it will continue to grow? OMG, this is the worst nightmare ever. There must be a way we can calm it down.
3 months? It barely shows've seen nothing yet!
I have to agree with Gabby17, I am sorry to put you in a panic but this is what this product does. Some people hardly get any reaction at all, while others find it growing out of control. I have a hard time going out and it's been 26 months. Some of the volume went down but what remains reconfigured my face. People always stare at me. I feel hideous.
You may be one of the lucky ones and purge this product quicker than others. Also, my P.S. has no clue to anatomy of the face. He gave me cheekbones where none existed. So maybe if the placement is okay you will just have to wait for the volume to go down.
I'm really worried we will stay like this. the reviews are awful stI'll my face looks bad I'm sick over this.
don't know if this shit will ever go away. I'm scared to pieces.
it's still looking awful I'm 11months out
No answers, so that must mean no. I sure didn't
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How far are you dear? Some docs say 2 to 4 years so there is still hope