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What did you decide to do? Ive only had one child at age 34 and my nipples, at age 50, are not really droppy, so I too am against a lift! I agree the lift makes the breast look more unnatural.I can understand that is a great choice for a very droopy breast but for me where I am 1cm down...Im goin for 533 left and 575r gel over muscle,,,this will be for my revison in the fall.
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Haven't decided yet. Another girl had my same problem. She said 7 out of 8 Dr.'s recommended a lift. She didn't think she needed one either. She choose the dr. that said she didn't need a lift. He just said she needed a larger implant, the same thing my ps told me. She was very happy with the results and glad she decided not to get the lift.
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