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Can a full tummy tuck scar be placed to mimic underwear lines?

  • Candeye
  • Sacramento ca
  • 4 years ago

I am a contender for a full "Mommy Makeover" and am very concerened with scarring {although beats the alternative}. I would like to know if the Tummy Tuck scar can be placed practically in {or below } my pubic hairline and then the remainder, like thin thong straps up above my hip bone to give a discreet look undreneath my favorite undergarments or bikini?.

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In most cases, yes. It may not always be possible to get a scar to fall exacly in the line of a string bikini, but a pair of briefs with a one or two inch side band should cover most tummy tuck scars if they are properly placed.
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Your surgeon SHOULD design his tummy tuck scar to fit within your favorite pair of underwear. With most styles of underwear it is quite achievable but - with today's minimalistic styles of unwear this may not always be possible Read Bikini after tummy tuck

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