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Is discount Lasik safe?

  • BrittB
  • Seattle
  • 3 years ago

This women lost her eyesight after the laser went through 5 layers of her eye instead of 1.

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You have to be very careful with discount lasik practices as they often do not use the most advanced or safest technology to perform lasik. The centers that offer LASIK with these devices can offer cheaper prices because the equipment costs less and the upkeep is not as meticulous. For more information on this and other concerns please feel free to visit my san diego lasik website.
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Discount Lasik scares me more than any other cut-rate surgery. I would never go to a low-price, buy-one-eye-get-the-second-one-free, place. I know that logically there are good providers with low prices and bad providers with high prices, but my fear alone is enough to dissuade me from shopping for eye surgery based on price.

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