Different incisions lead to different size breasts after augmentation?

  • angel318
  • st louis missouri
  • 4 years ago

I had this done two weeks ago and my left breast is still alot bigger. I noticed that my incisions are different the one on the right is in the crease and the other is on the bottom of my left breast. I went gel over the muscle. Can the incisions make a difference on where they are put? Can this be why my left is bigger. Is this common and can doctors fix it. I mean it is bad I think it is from where the implant were put.

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Thanks and I will try and gets pics this weekend. Also, my skin is soooo sensative for anything even my bra to touch this. Is this normal?

Hi Angel,

Do you have a photo? I'm having trouble picturing why there would be incisions in totally different places.

Luckily, two weeks is early in the recovery process. It's pretty likely that the unevenness is due to swelling, or one breast dropping sooner than the other. But pics will help any doctors who reply.

Good luck with the rest of your recovery.

Please someone give me an answer