What is the Difference Between Laser Lipo and Liposculpture?

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I am going to have a tummy tuck on May 26 and I asked my doctor if he can do laser lipo at the same time to my back and he said no it would have to be done at a later time. Said something about the stomach has to get oxygen from the back and that my skin could die. So I guess I want to find out as much as I can about laser lipo and liposculpture so I know what I want and need to get. Can anyone help me out?

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The best I can explain it is that your PS is correct that you cant have the TT and lipo on the entire abs due to blood flow and circulation. Safety and PS experience would come into play (in my opinion). If you look at my pictures you can see that my PS did lipo on the center (down the middle) of my abs then stopped over the areas to the right and left to allow for blood flow(I guess directly down from my breats if that helps and not black and blue lol) then resumed on my sides, flanks, back, braline etc.. He said he spent an hour and a half with me on my stomach first doing lipo on my back then turned me over for the remaining 3 hours. I am now 5 WPO and says ita all worth it. I had ultrasonic lipo and it was much more painful than the ETT itself since I had so much. Just alot of manual massaging to do now as I heal, the swelling subsides. Its fun to watch the changes each day/week.....

Hmm, I'm a bit confused. Is your doctor worried about having to turn you over to do your back?

The difference between laser lipo and liposculpture is the method used to break up fat (laser, ultrasound, tumescent, etc). Here's a bit more info: Liposuction, Liposelection, Liposculpture - What's the Difference?!

He basicly said that i can`t do liposuction at the same time because once i have the tummy tuck done the skin in the front pulls oxygen from my back and that if it can`t then my skin can die.