What did you tell your work about your BBL? Did you sit on your boppy pillow in the office?

  • Nicole Karlis
  • 1 year ago

Hey ladies, 

I'm wondering what some of you told your work about you BBL surgery - did you tell them you were getting it done? Or did you wait a few weeks until you could sit again (if you have an office job)? When I interviewed Dr. Jimerson for the 20 Essential BBL Questions, he basically said it's hard to hide that you've had a BBL! 

I'd love to hear your stories below :)

Also, if you have no idea what to tell your work, we have some tips below (courtesy of relationship expert Maryanne Comorato), but we'd love to add some from the community as well!

Make a plan


Have a plan on how you're going to handle the situation before you actually get the surgery done. After you have surgery you're coming off medication, you're vulnerable, and you're trying to settle back into your schedule, it can be overwhelming. So if you haven’t come up with a plan in advance, you're going to be in a precarious position to create a plan afterwards.

Make a list


Decide if you want to talk about it, and with whom before you go back to work. Make a list that says who am I go to talk to if they approach me about it.

Talk to HR


Go to the human resources department. Human resources is set up to protect their employees. There will be someone there that you can discuss the particulars of your surgery and getting time off with, including how you want to talk about it. They can actually notify employees and help create a climate that’s comfortable for you so you don’t feel judged.

Rehearse a Response


Have a rehearsed response one or two in your arsenal that you can rely on if someone asks a question about your appearance when you return to work. For example if someone says 'Wow you look different did you have work down?' you can say 'I'm not comfortable talking about that.' If they get more aggressive, you can say 'It's personal I don’t want to discuss this with you.' If you're not comfortable being direct with someone, just say 'Oh I've gotten a really good trainer,' or 'I've been working out a lot thanks for noticing.'  

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Ima Tell Them I Had Back Surgery Lol ! That Shud Be A Solution To Everything Basically !!!
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I'm going to answer their question with a question..."Don't you think that's an inappropriate question to ask and do you really think it's your business? Then use "hemmarhoid surgery", which should shut them down and make them feel stupid...LOL!! If I want someone to know, I'll tell them. About the HR office...at my job (small company), HR is SOOO unprofessional and shares the business and affairs of others, I don't want to tell them ANYTHING. I report high-up, so I have seen and heard the foolishness for myself. I'm hoping that the paperwork I get from whatever doctor I choose will not have the practice name, but only the doctor's name and doesn't include info on the procedures I'm going to undergo, because if it does it will be told. They are also so petty, they might try to block my short-term-disability...YES...HATERS!!! LOL!!
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You can tell your job that you are having a medical procedure... you DO NOT have to tell them what you had done. I'm having my surgery in the winter. .. so I will be covered with big sweatshirts and hoodies any way. ... do when April and May roll around it will look like you've been working out and doing hella squats! Lol. As far as sitting... just say you fell and the doctor suggest you sit on something soft for 2 weeks. Lol
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Nice!!!! Today I broke the news at work. I also have my big sweatshirts lined up lol oh btw! I like the fall move! Will have to pull that one if I end up going back to work in 2wks I mean who sits on a boppy lol

Hey ladies, I took your excuses and put them into a blog post :) Link here in case you haven't seen it yet: http://www.realself.com/blog/brazilian-butt-lift-work-excuses

Hope you guys like it :) I think these are soo awesome and fun!

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That's a great article. Love some of the excuses!

Okay this past week I had in laws, friends and co-workers asking me. This is what I said and then I shut my trap. "I had out-patient surgery on my tushy." My in-laws thought it was hemorrhoids and I got some shares on that one. Co-worker just laughed (man) and said he didn't want to know and walked out. ha ha Friends just said "okay." I thought damn I worried about this for nothing. Just let people draw their own conclusions. Just remember to shut your trap as soon as you say it. Let them talk and don't answer any questions!
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Yeah I think if you're vague about it people won't press for more information lol. Just let people draw their own conclusions!

You guys are so funny. Thanks for the feedback. I was not planning to tell my staff or boss. Got approval to take time off and will just use one of the excuses you posted. Thanks a mil.
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Well.. Coming from a nurse and spouse of an orthopedic surgeon there are some excuses I have for my bbl. yes you can claim hemmrohiods, I'd rather admitt bbl lol. You fell down and fractured your coccyx. This is what I will be using. Sacral compression you can use and say your medicine is anit inflammatory. Sacral iliac narrowing which causes sciatica. Bursitis in your hip and you had it injected.... My back up is that I had a hernia and when they went in to repair I told them go ahead and lipo why the hell not lol. It's easy to come up with a medical problem and most people won't further question it,... Unless they're assholes lol but I think it's hard to hide the noticible change in dress attire. It's hard enough hiding garments!!
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Oh my massage lady told me today that Sciatic Nerve is one you can tell. She sees people all of the time with this and their doctors tell them to not sit or to keep from sitting on their butts!!! I told her I was going to use the hemorrhoid one but this is less embarrassing! haha
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IVmama, that is a very good one! Definitely less embarrassing than the hemorrhoid one lol!

Hmmmm, well I was planning on telling people that I injured my tail bone when I have to sit on boppy pillow or stand etc.... but I never thought of the hemorrhoid excuse. Good one!
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That's a good one too! IVmama has a good one too about sciatic nerve surgery... When is your surgery?

I told my supervisor that im have lipo to my back qbd inner thighs because they are large and cause discomfort when I walk.. so I advised I cudnt sit for 2 to 3 wees . Shes excited fir me but my coworkers haveno idea
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Ooh, that's a good one too!! Are you back at work yet?

anal relocation surgery.... it will have them googling within minutes.
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Hahaha too funny! When is your surgery?

October 15th I actually may use the hemorrhoid excuse. haha I figure everyone will notice and depending on who the nosey person is that is asking, will depend on the answer! I stand for work long hours. So no one will even see my bobby pillow! I am hoping I will be able to go back to work on Nov 2nd. Surgery oct 15. Doesnt give me much time but thats all I have. What surgery are you having and when? If you tell me anal relocation, I will mind my own business! haha

Oh, that's great you stand for your job - eliminates the stress of sitting during a BBL recovery! I think a lot of the ladies here use the hemorrhoid excuse. I'm not having a surgery, I'm the managing editor here at RealSelf! 

Personally I would rather tell people I had hemorrhoid surgery (of course I like to shock people) but can you imagine how quick they would shut up?!
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Lolol! That would definitely shut them up. Is that what you're going to do??

so far no one has asked although some have noticed my pillows everywhere in my office and I am sure I am flashing everyone in the building everytime I get in and out of my car sitting on these same pillows! This weekend I am seeing the inlaws. It will either be sciatic nerve or hemorrhoid I think.