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Did anyone end up with a vertical scar where your belly button used to be?

  • IslandGirl22
  • Massachusetts
  • 2 years ago

With my TT, my PS is saying I can either have my belly button lowered a couple of inches (he says they do that in Brazil) or have a vertical scar somewhere between the navel and the pubic hair. This is something I'm not seeing discussed so I'm wondering if it's an unusual choice. Don't they stretch the skin down enough so the old spot is gone?

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Oh yes, I actually have an unexpected "look" on my tummy - I call it my button and buttonhole. What I mean is that I have my belly button (which is in a new place about 2 1/2 inches above where it used to be) AND I have two side-by-side vertical scars (where my belly button used to be) that look like a little rectangular buttonhole. I am three months post surgery - I had an abdominoplasty, liposuction of tummy and flanks, and diastasis repair. The small belly button scar is nothing compared to the 29-inch tummy tuck scar, so I'm not too worried about it...just entertained.
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At my pre-op he talked me into moving the BB down, he says I don't have enough skin to stretch all the way down, and I'd be unhappy with a vertical scar. I hope it doesn't look too weird, but even if it does it will be way better than the rolls that are there now lol!
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I'm 3 weeks post PS said I didn't have enough skin to completely get rid of my old BB and keep the scar low. So we opted to make a very low scar and a small vertical line where my old BB used to be. I don't think it will look weird. I think it will fade well. And even so, it's much better than what it used to be!
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Hi I have a vertical scar! But the reason is because of a belly button piercing that never healed and my ps had to cut and clean out the infection. Now because of the t scar that I have I have a big ball of scar tissue that now needs to be surgically removed. Get other ps opinions first! I didnt know I would have that problem but you never know.
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my doc said I'd have one since I'm so long waisted.
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