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Did anyone have the full tummy tuck w/ out muscle repair?

  • dk1098
  • 2 years ago

I am a mom of 4 and gained weight with each pregancy and also lost it in between kids.  I have been all the way up to size 14, but now I am a 2.  I am in great shape now, as thin as before HS, recently did 3 rounds of P90X and I love to run and work out.  I felt like the best option for me was to only remove the damaged and sagging skin on my belly since my waist line is at 26", and not to get my abs stiched together.  What I am wondering is is there anyone that can tell me the recovery time for this procedure?  I am supposed to get my surgery on Wed the 9th and I have a run (3 mile) that I have signed up and paid for July 1st.  Wondering if I will be back on my feet in 2 weeks (like the Dr said) to start training for my 3 mile run. I figured if I gave myself a month to recover, I could take another month to train.  If anyone out there has had this procedure and can tell me more about your recovery, that would be great. Thanks!!