Did you switch to Spanx?

  • flatbeat
  • Vancouver
  • 1 year ago

Hi there! I'm on day 2 post op from my tummy tuck, and I'm wondering what everyone has done for compression garments over time? I was thinking I will probably switch to Spanx when I'm able to take the binder off, for a while at least to manage swelling (and to feel safe! lol) but is there a certain type of Spanx that is comfier for this kind of thing? I've never had any before. I don't have any swelling in my legs (yet?) but just looking to get some ideas for what I should look for after the binder gets retired. It's snug and safe feeling but probably pretty conspicuous and bulky for school.

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my ps gave me spanx & @ 2 weeks i love the spanx, but i pull the crotch over to pee, cuz i dont wanna ight wth getting it on/off
I got cleared to go from my velcro cg to spanx at my 2 week appointment yesterday. It lasted about 4 hours and I am back to my cg. It wasnt near as comfortable and supportive. I got the one that goes from your ribs to pubic bone. I also have a panty style one but I dont want to have to deal with it everytime I pee (like every 30 minutes! !!)
My favorite Spanx like garment was a high waisted panty style garment from Hanes her way in the pantyhose section of Target. It is much more substantial than pantyhose...like a corset almost but it is stretchy enough to roll down and roll up. The compression level is two. I could not wear anything but the Velcro binder till about five weeks, though.