Did anyone who had surgery return back to work after 1 week?

  • Dmr3245
  • Killeen, TX
  • 2 years ago

Due to changes in surgery dates, I will now only have one week off from work after surgery.  I will have the BBL on a Monday and have to be back to work the following Monday due to staff issues at work.  If I reschedule my BBL, I will have to wait until December and I have had this plan in the process since last October so I really don't want to wait till December.  My biggest fear is altering my results, the next being the pain level I will be in.  Anyone out there done this and have any advice?

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Hey ...Hourglass2013 mine is next week!!! omg can't believe this.......so freaking out...but lets see if i do this...ahhhhhhh
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Hi erThis A Nightmare, how did your surgery go? Any info you can share with me since I just booked.
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Hey Dmr3245--just saw your posts but can't send you a private message on here.....im supposed to be having my surgery on 6/4 with Dr. Salama but because of recent reviews I'm really nervous and wondering if its the right thing to do. Would you mind telling me how your experience has been as far as your recovery?
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That's too soon
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