Did anyone have SOB following

  • Lisa12345
  • 1 year ago

I had prophylactic bilnmasectomies 3 mos ago and had expanders placed following.  After surfer had some shortness of breath (I am Healthy and only 44 years old with no history of breathing problems ) I was unable to return to work for 8 was because of SOB and at eight weeks spent two weeks in ICU and a month of 4 liters of oxygen following at home they had to empty my expander a that were 3/4 full in order to relieve the pressure on my lungs. My physicians think I am having a reaction to the expanders but my breast surgeon disagrees I continue with right sided pain (which was the side of the lung problems as I couldn't breathe while lying on my rt side) i still have my expanders (they are empty) but my doctors want them removed and said my SOB and pain will not resolve until they are removed I would like to do a reconstruction at some point but am unable until this resolves Has anyone ever had this problem with the expanders they told me they were writing it in the medical books they have no data to cover what happened to me note I was very healthy prior to this surgery