Will you/Did you show photos of post op breasts to your significant other to prepare them for what you will look like initially?

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  • 1 year ago

Will you, or Did you, show photos of post op breasts after a breast reduction surgery to your significant other to prepare them for what you will look like initially while you are recovering? I have not yet shown photos to my husband, however I am planning to before my BR in April. 

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Nope. Pics like that will traumatize him for life. He's REALLY squeamish
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We watched You Tube videos of breast reductions together and looked at before & after pictures. He has been very "hands on" with my surgery (pun intended!).
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No, and I didn't look at any myself before hand either--I didn't know they existed. My husband seemed to do his own research in private. Anyway, the honeymoon phase is over, and he's being an ass, and thinks I should be back to normal now (because that's how the PS office staff made it seem). I explained to him about healing wounds take take and energy, but he doesn't buy it. So, I'm now going to show him the nastiest complication photos I can. Of course, he will just restate that different people heal at different rates, and MY dr said....I cannot express how upset I am with him
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NoMoreDDD4Me, I'm so sorry your husband thinks you should be back to normal already. I'm sure it's very difficult for most men to understand what the recovery entails, especially when your husband is taking the things your PS/office staff said so literally. I think it's a good idea to enlighten him about the possible complications that could take place if you do not give yourself the time your body requires to heal. Above all else, no matter what your husband or anyone else says, listen to your body, and give yourself the time and rest that you require right now. Hang in there!
Thanks, I'm trying.
I have been sharing pics with my husband. Just didn't want him to be freaked out.
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I plan to! I'd like my DH to be prepared.
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I do recommend it!!  Because they have no idea how this is done and what it will look like.  Make sure if you show them fresh post OP pics that you also show final result photos.  Trust me it will be hard for them to get the vision out of their heads if they only see the worst.

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Thanks Kimmers. Last night, I did take some time to show my husband some photos from one of the reviews here, and it was SO so helpful. I also found an animated video that was fairly detailed, showing how the type of BR I am having will be done. I find that I am very comfortable watching animated versions, so will probably wait until after my BR to watch an actual surgery video myself. My husband asked some questions, and I was able to answer them all thanks to the info my PS shared with me and the info I have gleaned from the lovely ladies here. I am REALLY, really, really glad I waited to show my husband anything until I had found the RIGHT photos/videos to show him, instead of random photos/videos. Good suggestion about the fresh post op photos. I'll show my husband some more photos as my surgery date approaches, but last night was a really good start, and I am glad I did it. :)

Good deal!!  I am glad to hear this and he will feel much better through the entire process.  Once they gather the information in their heads they will process it and be fine.  The also like to feel included in everything.  It makes them feel good:)