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What did everyone do to prevent Tomorrow is the big day!!!!! I wanna rip my brain blood lots ? Tomorrow is my big day bl and tt!

  • pink1111
  • 1 year ago

Worried about blood clots tt . What did everyone do to prevent them other then walking and kiwi?  Has anyone ever died from STRESS before the surgery cause I think I'm gonna be a first! :). Here's what I got so far toilet riser, walker, backmax contour bed system, crackers,gauze, tape, neosporian bromelian, arnica, jello,cough drops, bottled water, multi vitamin, colace, MOM, Tylenol, breast pads( people say they use the after surgery)extra binder, soirts bea that sips in front, dial body wash, body pillow , memory foam pillow, bath wipes, books!!!!! What am I forgetting my doctor didn't give me scripts yet ....probably cause I stay one night at the hospital so I guess I will get them filled there before I leave. My procedure is a drainless tt and bl. Help I'm forgetting something!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!