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Why did my filler only last 5 months?

  • Diane4897
  • 2 years ago

I am extremely upset that my $1,100 worth of Radiesse only lasted 5 months.  It made a dramatic difference and I got compliments all the time and now I am extremely disappointed that it didn't last longer.  I thought it would last at least 10-12 months.  I have had Restalyne and it lasted much longer and was a lot less than the Radiesse.     I explained my predicament to a doctor friend of mine and he said that he attended a seminar on dermal fillers and when the Rep asked how many doctors cut it 1/1 only a few raised their hand.  When asked how many cut it 2/1 about 1/3 of the room raised their hand and finally when asked who cut it 3/1 most of the doctors in the room raised their hand.  Shame on them for cheating their patients because I will NEVER use the doctor that I went to again.  When I called and told them what happened they said I was welcome to come back and purchase another syringe at $100 less than what I paid.  What a deal - NOT!!!     I guess because there seems to be no regulations regarding cosmetic fillers the doctors can rip us off all they want.