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did you gain weight during recovery and if so how much?

  • angelface2189
  • oklahoma
  • 1 year ago

I usually run 5 miles/day and im going to go crazy not being able to after my seems if I go one week withoutrunning I immediately gain 5 lbs so im stressed lol. I know with the tummy tuck and lipo I shouldnt worry about this but im also worried if weight gain will effect the results too. This is a minor worry because whatever weight I gain takes a back burner to my new shape and boobs but I was just wondering if this was a problem for anyone...

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you will probably weigh a little more on the scale due to swelling, but just don't get on the scale if your are going to freak out. lol i weighed 121.8 before surgery and a few days after i was 123. i had small implants, (about a pound), TT, lift, and a little lipo of flanks. i'm 3 weeks and i weigh 118, still some swelling. i stay away from sodium and eat healthy and drink lots of water. hope that helps. :)
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I haven't gained, but I got surgery with 25 pounds to lose to get to my goal weight and I CANNOT lose it!! I've been doing what I've been doing for 15 months (in which time I lost 80 pounds) and not even a single pound is coming off!! I'm 9 weeks, so I'm back to the gym & I'm counting calories & still nothing! It is so frustrating!!! I cant complain too much though bcuz even with this 25 pounds to lose I still look 100% better than I did pre-op!!! Super happy with my results, I just want to get this last little bit of weight off so I can be super tone!
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