did you gain weight after vaser?

  • KateLondon
  • London, UK
  • 2 years ago

I know there was a similar thread about regular liposuction- and now, a week after vaser liposelection, I'm petrified that it's the same with this procedure!   has anyone had vaser with long lasting results and no metabolic problems?

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Yes yes and yes.... For a while things were going good and I started wearing my bad girl outfits and then BAM the fat had returned,, but I truly believed that it was my fault ok maybe I could of done better with my eating and exercise so this time around I will stay true to myself and work harder. healthy shake for breakfast healthy shake for lunch and a healthy small dinner I will keep my calories between 600 and 800 each day..... So this time around NO MORE JUNK FOOD FOR ME !!!!!! EXERCISE, EXERCISE ,EXERCISE,!!!!!
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Its been one year post vaser and I am noticing that that I am starting to gain fat again ( same areas where I have done the surgery) this is depressing me a lot. I was perfectly fit for the 6 or 7 months after the surgery, I am eating healthy and taking care. I dont know what to do. this is depressing me
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I had vaser a year ago I lost lots of weight post op then put on lots of weight.

I Putney down to how used to measure whether I had put on weight or not to how flat my stomach was....yet now my stomach is flat I eat more of the wrong things as don't see a difference...however have put on weight overall...

I'm going for a revision and am hoping I won't put on weight again like I did a year ago.
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Actually, there has been a study which supports the theory that within a year, people can gain weight in other areas --something about the body compensating for the fat cells removed. You have to be super careful of what is consumed in terms of calories after this procedure
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its definitely not a matter of swelling. My friend looked good once the swelling subsided at first, then she plainly gained weight. She never had problems with her weight before, her surgery was for the purpose of a brazilian butt lift.
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This link talks about regular liposuction. Noone refers to having the Vaser liposuction. I too have had the same complaints about traditlional liposuction, but I just had the vaser done because I hear it is so much better! I will keep you posted on my results
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Hi Kate,

I haven't heard that before. Can you share a link to where you read this?

What I have heard is that you might gain weight immediately after lipo because of all the swelling. I don't know if this is the case with your friend though.

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