Did you experience itching?

  • Caro851
  • 1 year ago

I had the Fraxel Thulium done last week. In the past 15 years, I have had a nose job and a mini-lift. These two procedures were easier on me than the Thulium. I had 6 passes with the Thulium. It hurt a bit, but the pain was manageable. For the next 2 days, my face was all swollen, and it started to peel. The peeling isn't all gone as of today, but for me, the worst was the itching. It prevented me from sleeping at night. Even if you are not supposed to remove the peeling skin, it is hard not to do so by scratching the itchy skin. I still feel kind of a sunburn after a week. My new skin is beautiful, though still red. I use the post treatment cream they prescribed as often as 6 times a day. Still the itching and the sunburn feeling. I will take extremely good care of my skin from now on and avoid the sun at all costs, because I don't think I can go through a Thulium treatment again.