Did anyone else do liposuction instead of full tummy tuck and wondering if you need more?

  • Abby29
  • 1 year ago

I did lipo a month ago.  While it is a VAST improvement, I still have a little belly mpund, much much smaler but I look like the before picture for some perfectionists.  Three out of four dictors tole me I would need the full TT but I decided to go with the dr. who thought I should see if I would be satisfied with lipo alone.  I son't seem to have any extra skin, just a sticking out thing -- anyway it could still be swelling or is it the muscle separation thing?  I have had two C-sections.  Just wondering it it will improve or if this is probably close to end result.    

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was wondering the same thing but I'm only 15 days post op so it's hard to tell. I had lipo instead of mini tummy tuck. I like my results thus far, I just wish the swelling would go down so I could see what the actual results are and make an assessment. However, after all this swelling, I don't know if I want to go through surgery again.
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Thanks for the replies. Kirsty, thnx for keeping me patient; snomama, I hope it all resolves to what you want. Personally I don;t think I have it in me to even think about another surgeyr for quite some time. I sometimes wonder if I should have gone with the full tt to have the flat stomach now, but this was much less invasive I guess, no scar, and a very big improvement. Probably enough for me. Maybe now it is up to me (diet and exercise ;))).
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I'm almost 2 months out and still have swelling. I might still need a tummy tuck to achieve the look I want, but I don't think my husband is up for spending even more (I also had BA) right now. ;) I have a couple lumpy areas too, the doctor said they will go away. I go back Oct. 31 since that will be about 12 weeks post surgery.I feel like I am gaining weight back in my belly but not in my hips/flank area yet. Not sure, the scale is staying steady. It worries me though. Maybe it's skin?
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Hi there, welcome!

I'm not a doctor, so please don't take this as medical advice, but I would personally assume that it may take a little longer than a month for all the swelling to disapate and for the full results to show. However, have you asked your doctor for their opinion?

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