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Did I choose the right doctor?

  • Ninansp1
  • West Bloomfield, Mi
  • 1 year ago

What a wonderful site!  I've been trolling here for about a month now and decided to go ahead with a reduction.  I am 56 years old and was advised by my GP several years ago to get a BR to aid in my back problems and neck problems.  I always thought if I just lost my extra 40 lbs I would drop from a 36G to a reasonable 36D.  Well, I've lost 30 lbs and went to two different specialists for bra fitting and I'm now a 34G.  Not the progress I was looking for!  With only 10 more lbs to lose, I decided to start the search for a PS.  I narrowed the search to 3 PS and started interviewing.  The first PS was ruled out because I couldn't even get a consultation until NOvember with possible surgery in 2014.  The next doctor I really liked.  He was referred by a friend who used him for breast recobstruction.  He took his time and answered all my questions looking me in the eye.  He said I would be a good candidate for a SPAIR and he told me he could take me down to a 34D but the density of tissue and my body structure didn't really support my desired C cup HONEST, I liked that he didn't just tell me what I wanted to hear.  He had availability for the surgery in my time frame (March 19th) and felt confident that BC would cover it.   On to doc 2.  I was referred to him by my GP and OB.  He had great reviews on RateMD's and Health grades.  After looking at me he told me I had wide breasts which is why I am a G cup and would not like a SPAIR reduction and he would use an anchor technique. He also said I probably wouldn't qualify for BC coverage because he didn't feel he could remove enough tissue to meet the Schnurr scale.  He also advised me that if I tried to qualify for BC at the hospital, after surgery if he couldn't remove enough I would be charged double so better to just pay him in cash now. I know PS don't like to have to take BC because it pays them less, but could this just be a ploy?   I booked the first PS and am scheduled to have my BR on March 19th, but now I'm having concerns.  Any help out there?