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How did you choose a Doc? Down to 3 surgeons

  • AliEllie
  • 1 year ago

I'm having tip plasty/septoplasty/turbinate reduction in October. The cosmetic changes are minimal, only tip refinement and possible widening of an overly narrow bridge. I've consulted with 3 surgeons. I feel really torn and unsure about which Dr. I should go with. The first Dr is in NYC, close to where I live. I liked his conservative approach. he's well respected, double board certified, and famous. With that being said, he's also very expensive but not out of my price range ($10k). He's the only Dr. out of the 3 that believed I'd have the best result with a closed rhinoplasty. His results gallery was beautiful, he showed me a few noses like mine that were corrected through closed rhinoplasty and I feel confident he's give me a great result.

The second Dr. is in San Diego. His credentials are impeccable. Ivy league educated, double board certified. His results gallery is incredible. So natural, so underdone, just what I'm going for--undetectable. The type of noses he does could even fool your mother into thinking you lost weight or have been getting more sleep. His surgery is much more affordable, around $7k. I could fly to Cali, stay for a week, have surgery, and enjoy a week's vacation for under the cost of the other two Dr's fees. My reservations with this Doc stem from his age, and my worry that all follow-up visits will be done via skype. "Open" rhinoplasty.

The last Dr is also a leader in his field, located in New Jersey. His results are beautiful. He'd do the surgery "open". Also Ivy league educated, works with Dr. Toriumi. Writes in medical journals, teaches, an all around smart and skilled guy. His price is somewhere in the middle, around $9k. I know I'd be in good hands with this Doctor, too. All three Drs agreed on what should be done to fix my nose and had very similar visions on how to achieve the desired results. However the approach varied with one Doctor preferring closed approach, with the other two Doctors believing open approach is better for achieving tip refinement.  How did you choose? I've always heard "you get what you pay for" in rhinoplasty. But I happen to like the work of the cheapest of the 3 Doctor's the best....he's by no means a "budget" rhinoplasty surgeon but do the cons of traveling for rhinoplasty outweigh the attraction of a lower cost and aesthetic preference for the Dr's work??? I'm so confused. I know this was pretty boring, thanks for making to the end! Any advice is appreciated!!

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Just to follow up, I ended up choosing Dr. Guyuron. I had surgery November 12th, and so far I'm pleased with the results! He wasn't even one of the doctors I wrote about in my original post so my advice to anyone looking is KEEP LOOKING until it feels right! Trijal21's advice was right on. Research and do your due diligence as a patient but at the end of the day, trust your gut!
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All I'm going to say is don't let the cost of travel get in the way. Your nose is on your face, and you want the best for it or, well, things may take the wrong turn. Good luck! :)
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Who did you go with? I had my surgery last year with Dr. Guida on NYC.
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Still consulting....But I'm closer to a decision! I've heard great things about Dr. Guida through this site. I didn't consult with him though. I've narrowed it down to two surgeons and I've pushed the date back to November. I'm thinking it'll be Dr. Guyuron.
I havent heard of him, Is he on NY? Good luck!! : )
No he's in Cleveland. He's pretty renowned. Doesn't advertise much. Considered to be one of the best revisionists. If you ever read a medical paper on rhinoplasty, they'll cite Dr Guyuron.
It sounds like you are leaning towards the first one, and the most comfortable with the first. Here are my thoughts: don't be swayed by a doctor's "fame" -that doesn't make a doctor good. You have to feel they really are good! It doesn't sound like you are comfortable with the second one at all--have you gone out there and consulted? As for the third, you just don't sound thrilled abou him--just okay, it seems. Many doctors will tell you that open rhino is bad and try to sell you on the fact that they Do closed. I had open and it looks really good-my tip is awesome and I have no scar at all. No need to worry about that if the doctor is good, so don't let that influence your decision. From reading this, it sounds like you are the most comfortable and enthusiastic about the first one, so you may want to pick that one
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Thanks for the comment! I've consulted with all three and I still just don't know!! Well, it may come down to the recovery....closed surgery combined with being able to lay on my own couch may seal the deal! Looking forward to a week of lazing around!
Oh gosh--i think I realized whom the first one is--want to tell me in a PM?
I think the only people can really choose is to go with their take everything they tell you, all the other feedback, and credentials into consideration...but at the end of the day its whoever you feel most comfortable with. The doctor i chose is 8500, which is way cheaper than the 11 and 15k quotes i was getting. But his work is way better and it feels right with him. Trust your instincts!
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It sounds like you're doing your due diligence as far as research goes! It also sounds like you have three surgeons you'd be happy with.

Have they all answered these questions to your satisfaction?

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