Did anyone buy their own surgical bra or implants before the surgery?

  • kiwi6
  • Marietta, GA
  • 7 months ago

My Dr. wrote me a prescription  to get my implants Directly from Mentor for $1,628 and have them shipped to him. The hospital invoiced me for  $4,074 for implants I didn't get from them. I wish I had bought my own surgical bra because I could have gotten the exactly same one on the internet for $25 and the hospital charged me $125. On Post-op day 26  3/16/14,  I used a sports bra turned around to make a thong bra for $8.00, put a folded sock in it over the cleavage to prevent symmestia for extra compression between the breast to keep the implants from migrating past the center line. They are sub-glandular and very close together pre and post op. It  also gives me support around and under my breasts without compressing them. I am looking for anymore bra tricks to offer some support over my thong bra that does not compress the breast or push them toward the cleavage. Just a little support to keep the shape in place as they heal. I also, massage them daily. It seems to be working well. Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks

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True, Ebay carries the breast augmentation surgical bras for $25.