did you go back to "normal" when it all wore off?

  • anne88
  • 2 years ago

ok I am just wondering, did you go back to 'normal' after everything wore off or did you not? if you went back totally to 'normal' how long did it take? did you notice changes that bothered you as it was wearing off, (like new wrinkles in strange places) that then went away completely later? or did these changes stay? did you have what you consider any long term or permanent changes in any way, and if so what were they? do you think they are postiive or negative or both?   thanks for giving your experience.   i want to know the outcomes for people here, if it really eventualy went 'back to normal' for you or if you feel you had lasting changes. the drs keep saying everything goes 'back to normal' when it wears off but im not so sure. thanks for any perspective.            

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I had Botox, not Dysport, but it made some bags under my eyes when I smiled that I wasn't fond of. It did wear off & I went completely back to normal. Looking forward to when you can report the same thing :)

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yeah im looking forward to that too. didn't help that my dr used to be president of the AAPS and fell apart like a wet sponge when i had this reaction. at first i blamed the dysport but now i just think he overdosed me out of carelessness and greed. :> i am soooo tired of feeling and looking this way. sooooo tired. fully planning to come back here when its better. sure would be nice to hear from at least one other person who actually did go back to normal. glad you did.
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Here is a review from a community member who used Dysport, and you will see as you read through the comments she went back to normal also - hang in there, it should work through your system & be gone. I know its no fun in the meantime though.

“Dysport for Crows Feet Gave my Eye Bags - Phoenix, AZ”

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thanks megan. i have read some people who did go back to normal in varying lengths of time which is good to hear. one thing different about my symptoms is that they got worse when it started wearing off. so it looked really bad while it was active in the first 3 months. (unnaturally hard shiny forehead and super low heavy brows ) but when it started to go away, i got these weird gashes on the side of my face. yes they were not there before, i have pictures and my dr didn't deny it. they were definitely not there before. so.. im waiting for it to wear off completely, but in actually the symptoms got worse as it started to wear off, which is something i haven't seen a lot of. so i was hoping to see improvement as it wore off but it got much worse before it is getting better. this -isn't- my normal wrinkles coming back, they are huge deep really unnatural looking folds that are much bigger/deeper than any of my other normal wrinkles/lines. they come and go and are really bad sometimes. this is what i dont understand. one doctor from here emailed me privately and told me he sees this commonly. he said 'the most common place for the folds to form' is 'the lateral forehead'. so he admitted he has seen this before however, not publicly. so im trying to get it to work through my system however, its discouraging because i was really hoping as it started to wear off the nightmare would be over but really it was just beginning. have you heard of anyone where something similar happened. i have a high metabolism so would hope it has a chance to work through a little faster. the fact its taking so long and also, not healing on any logical line but is just totally out of control and all over the place and gets weirder and stranger without any logical sense to it.. is very wearing. im still hoping it will wear off and be normal again. im trying to hang in there.
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Did your face return to normal? I have enlarged eyebrow muscles protruding and indentations in my forehead and saggy, 'loose' eyelids as a result of botox. This is post 1-year of my original treatment now! I am very upset but at 9 months my doctor attempted to do a fix to calm down my eyebrows. He said that my eyebrow muscles had actually enlarged. I'm seeing an Ocularplastic surgeon for a 2nd opinion. Please see my review if you get a chance. I am eager to learn if your face has returned to normal or not?
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i read your review. i cant believe how many 'treatments' they have put you through in just a year! i agree with you, this should not be legal. i actually know two people now who have actually won settlements against allergan on the basis of consumer fraud. they need to warn people this stuff definitely causes permanent or long lasting damage. they do not properly disclose how toxic this stuff is. i was assured the effects were -never- permanent.. never more than "mild and transitory", i did not know that two years of the worst health of my life is what they call "mild and transitory"! so this is sadly and obviously not the case and they should not be allowed to claim it in their advertising as they do. im really sad to say that its been two years for me and i am still not back to normal. it was hard to cut my hair to cover my face because of the way it curls, but i finally did it becuase i just didndt want to think about it another second. i used to have a beautifuil face and looked amazing for my age, now the rest of me still is gorgous but the injected muscles look like i was attacked with a machete or something.... its so totally abnormal there and so much older than the rest of me. it really does look deformed. its obvious the plastic surgery industry is totally not equipped to either use this stuff safely or competently fix the damage when it occurs, or even understand the nature of the damage they cause.. so its hard to consider any form of plastic surgery to try to fix this damage, just becuase its obvious drs just dont understand this stuff, are hugely incompetent, and i -definitely- worry they would just cause more damage. the one thing that has helped is doing gentle facial yoga and facial resistance exercises, i think this has helped the muscles relax and get their tone back. also using a little vibrating massager has helped the muscles unlock from a lot of what seemed like permanent spasms and knots. i do feel a lot better than i did two years ago and continue to improve, however have to say i have gotten NO help either from my injecting dr or any mainstream dr during thsi two years!!! they are all literally blinded by $400 for ten minutes of work. thats all there is to it. i do still continue to improve, no thanks to mainstream medicine, but this has been the worst two years and the most evil, awful medical experience ive ever been through and i cant wait for the class action law suit. good luck to you i really do hope you improve more, i am still improving even now.
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Hi anne, 

I see that you have done research in other areas of the Botox forums, which is great and you got some answers. Also you might want to talk to Chicagofit and lilly376 they are very active community members who might be able to provide more info. Hope that helps.



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yes I've been doing a lot of research lately and it's been very interesting. i've also recommended this site to others as I think reading peoples experience is very, very helpful and interesting. I will try to talk to those members, it seems they both had different situations than i did and perhaps worse effects.. my dr originally told me i 'might' get 2 or 3 months out of this and when i went back to see him about the problems he said, maybe four months. the new lines were not there yet at the time so i couldnt ask about those but will in a few weeks if they are still there.

I feel about 80% normal now at 3 months and i am keeping ice packs on which seems to help sometimes and just trying to ignore it and get back to being me.

i think it is very true that the timeline usually given is not necessarily for it -all- to wear off but just for enough to wear off that another dose is needed... thats apparently -not- always the same as how long it takes to actually all go away.. (though sometimes it is) so thats what i was wondering by asking this question, kind of a survey of how long it really took everyone til they felt it was all really gone. :> thanks :}
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