did you go back to "normal" when it all wore off?

  • anne88
  • 3 years ago

ok I am just wondering, did you go back to 'normal' after everything wore off or did you not? if you went back totally to 'normal' how long did it take? did you notice changes that bothered you as it was wearing off, (like new wrinkles in strange places) that then went away completely later? or did these changes stay? did you have what you consider any long term or permanent changes in any way, and if so what were they? do you think they are postiive or negative or both?   thanks for giving your experience.   i want to know the outcomes for people here, if it really eventualy went 'back to normal' for you or if you feel you had lasting changes. the drs keep saying everything goes 'back to normal' when it wears off but im not so sure. thanks for any perspective.