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I desperately need orbital rim implants for a negative orbital vector (UK)

  • 3OutOf10
  • 1 year ago

Pictures speak louder than words so please see my pic. I look like some kind of panda. I've been asked if I'm tired, or even straight-up told "you got eye bags". I usually have to make out that I'm tired to save embarrassment rather than admit that I was just genetically made to look like this. No matter how much I sleep, I have what looks like eyebags, although it is a negative orbital vector. Yes, on weekends when I get more sleep, they look slightly better, like 5% better, but whether I sleep for 6 or 13 hours, I look awful, tired, aged, stressed, unhappy. I recently got REJECTED for orbital rim implants in the UK, where I'm from, by two of the top eye bleph docs. I think they're scared of keloiding because I'm of Caribbean origin. I have been looking at Dr Griffin, a black plastic surgeon in the US who specializes in keloid-avoiding techniques, but am looking for other bleph docs in the US too. It looks like the only way I will get this done is by flying out the US. Expensive, but I hate my eyes. I don't even wanna socialize because I look like a tired gargoyle. When I pull the skin near my eyes back, I look like I actually slept. It raises my looks by about a good 1 point (out of 10) which is what I need. Any advice for me? Which US surgeons could help me?