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  • Bako1980
  • Bakersfield, CA
  • 2 years ago

Folks, My apologies, but I'm planning to have nasal surgery next week. Things are almost set up and today out of nowhere I found out that my surgeon has had 25 lawsuits in the past.  When I personally met him I liked him very much. On the web I looked him up several times and always saw only positive reviews, very few though. And then suddenly bumped into an article saying that he used to practice in another state in late 90s, where he got most of lawsuits and then moved to CA. He didn't loose any of those lawsuits, meaning that judge ruled them in his favor, but the fact that he's got 25 lawsuits kind of worries me. Everything else tells in his favor: 35 yrs of experience, he is member and president of different plastic surgeon societies in CA, he is board certified plastic surgeon and board certified otolaryngologist...etc. What do you people think? Should I still go and see him? 

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The big boards you want him to be part of in the U.S. are the ASPS and ASAPS. Glad you're doing some other consultations, too!

Thanks for replies. I have planned to see couple other doctors. What worries me is that with over 35 yrs of experience this guy has only 9-10 pictures on his website. He was ready to do surgery on my nose the same week I met him. That means he is not very busy doctor. At the same time his title says that he is president of different societies of cosmetic surgeons. Anyways I'm planning to see other doctors.

Hi there!

It can't hurt to consult with a few different plastic surgeons to see what else is out there. Have you done that yet? Have you seen the before and after photos from this surgeon? He should have a LOT of good ones with that much experience. Please let us know what you decide to do!

25 lawsuits is a lot, but out of how many operations. Lots of people are unhappy with results. Lets face it, we often have unrealistic expectations. I would talk to at least 3 or 4 doctors before making a choice. The quality of work is seen in the photos of other clients.