I desperately need an answer/opinion from forum members

  • Bako1980
  • Bakersfield, CA
  • 2 years ago

Folks, My apologies, but I'm planning to have nasal surgery next week. Things are almost set up and today out of nowhere I found out that my surgeon has had 25 lawsuits in the past.  When I personally met him I liked him very much. On the web I looked him up several times and always saw only positive reviews, very few though. And then suddenly bumped into an article saying that he used to practice in another state in late 90s, where he got most of lawsuits and then moved to CA. He didn't loose any of those lawsuits, meaning that judge ruled them in his favor, but the fact that he's got 25 lawsuits kind of worries me. Everything else tells in his favor: 35 yrs of experience, he is member and president of different plastic surgeon societies in CA, he is board certified plastic surgeon and board certified otolaryngologist...etc. What do you people think? Should I still go and see him?