Dermalive 6 yrs ago, lips still uneven--any help in Toronto?

  • WeenieTO
  • 1 year ago

Hi--I FOOLISHLY allowed a (former) friend to inject my lips when she started work as a medical spa. Her lips looked amazing so I didn't ask questions but later learned she used the now unavailable Dermalive. My lips are mostly ok, except for a "dent" I"ll call it in the upper left area. She told me I could inject any other filler there now because it's been 6 years; I called another doctor who said they won't go near Dermalive patients. Can anyone advise if there's anything that can be done? I didn't want to mess with it, hoping it would eventually go away but it seems like this is now an unfortunate and permanent thing for me. Can a temporary filler be used on a regular basis? Any advice would be greatly appreciated! Thanks so much in advance...

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I'm sorry about the dent in your lips. If it makes you feel any better, I would never notice it in the context of your face talking to you. It's slight. But I can imagine it really bothers you. I hope you're able to get this plumped/evened out to what you want. Please keep us posted!

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Thanks, Angie... Sadly it looks worse in real life but I appreciate the vote of confidence :)
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