Depression after mommy makeover support forum!!

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  • 2 years ago

I've heard many stories of being depressed after surgery and I wanted this to be a support forum where we can share little things that we can do at home to make us feel happy while we are recovering. I have one week for my upcoming mommy makeover and I want to prepare myself emotionally just in case I get depressed after surgery. I have lots of ideas to share since I've battled with post partum depression please feel free to share your ideas in ways we can make ourselves feel happy at home:)  

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Loving all these ideas!!! Thank you!!!
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Jamaica me happy(ya makin me happy) plan!

Ok here are some ideas to get you out of that depression mood
And feeling happy:)
1) favorite magazines! I find glamour and Marie Claire always have awe inspiring women stories and looking at all those wonderful clothes make me feel happy that I will soon be able to wear them.

2) some good reads: stay away from the violent ones if you haven't read the help by Kathyrn stockett I suggest for you to pick it wonderful story of women coming together in hard times based in the south.

3) comedy movies. No violent or horror movies the only leave you feeling worst trust me. I am a huge Disney it's ok to look at the world with rainbow and happily ever afters! For awhile

4) a massage: if your anything like me. I live for messages make the hubby rub your feets, head or your back. Just make sure sit down while hugging your pillow for your back massage no laying on those boobies or tummy. I used to do this when I was pregnant and couldn't lay on my tummy for a back massage

5) get some sun: it has been proven that vitamin D which we get from the wonderful sound helps with depression. Unfortunately for me I live in Vancouver where the sun tends to hide for the whole winter so I had to buy a special light box and it works just like the sun. I have to sit under it 30 min a day so while I do this I read a book and i enjoy it because it's an excuse for me time. Also buy vitamin D supplements. But this takes a little longer to kick in.

5) call someone who makes you happy! Call a friend or family member who you can always count on to make you feel happy and who is positive. Pls don't call a friend or family member who is gonna tell you, well you got yourself into this situation that the last thing you need to hear.

6) go for a drive: get the hubby to take you for a drive to your favorite place. Even if you cant get out of the car it's nice to get out if the house after being in for awhile. P.s if your a Starbucks fan go through the drive tru and get your favorite cold or iced drink you deserve it!

This is all I can think of for now these things make me happy and if they can help one of you feel better then that makes me happy! Feel free to share your ideas
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Thanks angiemcc I figure there is so much we can do to help each other out and support one another:)
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I LOVE this idea! Thank you so much for starting this discussion.

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