Has anyone had Department of Public Welfare Medical Assistance and had a breast reduction approved?

  • JtotheLO
  • 2 years ago

I'm 5'3, 163lbs, and wear a size 34f/g depending on the day =] I have Medical Assistance (insurance) through the Department of Public Welfare. I have chronic neck, back, shoulder pain. I have ALL the symptoms of breast that are too large, when I say all I mean ALL. My PCP referred me to an Orthopedic Dr. he sent me for Physical Therapy for 6 weeks I only completed 4 bc it caused me to have a sprained rib. Now both my PCP and Orthopedic think that a breast reduction is the next step. I have an appointment with the PS on 6/13/12. I also have a MRI scheduled for 5/30/12. Will an MRI pick up whatever is going on in my back, shoulders, and neck? Will MA approve the surgery? If you have been through the process with MA regarding breast reduction please let me know the steps/procedures you went through to get there. Any comments are greatly appreciated.