Dental Treatment in Hungary

  • MichaelDouglas85
  • 8 months ago

Hi,Due to advanced gum problems I will need full arch dental implants on top and bottom. I am based in the UK. Prices here are astronomical.I have heard some good things about Hungarian dentists, so I went to see one that I saw mentioned on a newspaper article - in their London office (it turns out that he has also worked with a respectable UK institution for 4 years, so he seems legit).The treatment in Hungary will cost just over £20k, using Camalog dental implants. Has anyone here used these? To the dentists out here, how do these compare with Branemark implants?Secondly, given the investment, and that the crown cannot be whitened, does this mean that after some time, I will need to purchase a whole new set of crowns to replace the ageing ones which will no doubt have lost some of their original shine?Thirdly, have any of you had teeth done in Hungary? Would be interested to hear your views.

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Thanks for posting in our discussion forums :).  It's kind of hit-or-miss whether anyone will find your post, unfortunately, because our implant topic isn't that active.  I would recommend posting your question about the implant brand in the doctor's forum, as well as, if possible, posting a picture of your teeth (just because questions with pictures get first priority).  You can also take a look at this article by one of our cosmetic dentists

What you should know about the dental implant industry.

Unfortunately, we don't cover Hungary in our reviews, so we have, like, one implant review from Budapest and there is very little information in it--probably nothing useful to you.

Another option is to post a comment on one of our more popular implant reviews asking whether anyone has tried Camalog dental implants.  Byugal's review is popular and she's a RealFriend so she's used to newbies.  You can find her review here.

Good luck to you!  From what I've read in our community, getting implants is a serious improvement in your quality of life.
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