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Are dental implants done out of the country of the same quality as ones done in the U.S.?

  • Megan P
  • 2 years ago

In the forum about Clear Choice implants 2 community members mentioned going to Costa Rica to have their dental implants placed. Is this a safe option, or a cost savings that is not worth the risk? What are your thoughts?

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I had a good experience at Dentzz Clinic in Mumbai for my dental implants treatment. It was really cheap in comparison to the treatments in US.
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India for instance is the best option not only because of the experience of the doctors and the low treatment cost but you could do a travel through out India and get the dental implant done at the same time. if anyone need any further assistance on Dental tourism you can send me a private message , I'm from India.
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Where did you go in Costa Rica, MeganP?
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Where did you go in Costa Rica?
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Well it's not like that everyone follow same technology and in all countries but we can say that US is little bit ahead than other countries whatever technology is used anywhere in World it is definitely used in USA.
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That is true USA has advance technology for dental implants.I too had my dental implant from "Janamillo, Adriana DDS" and they are having latest technologies and professional staff.
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About 4 years ago I quoted a patient a full arch implant restored bridge at about £20,000, but he could not afford it. So I got in touch with a clinic in Prague and they could do it for half the price. I decided to go with the patient and have a break.
I watched the surgery and I am afraid that even though the dentist had qualified from Harvard, his planning involved just an OPG.
I watched the extractions and the implant placement with DMFD grafting.
Patient was very happy with the bridge within 1 week
4 years later the patient has implantitis and is slowly losing the support of his bridge.
I feel now that he should have had bone regeneration and then implant placement.
The problem with medical tourism is that the surgeon MUST WORK WITH WHAT HE HAS GOT NOW as opposed to a local dentist trying to improve the foundations before building the house.
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Placing a dental implant and restoring it with a crown is a multiple appointment procedure.
Sure many dentists can drill a hole in bone and screw in an implant, but it's all about planning. Implants can go wrong and then you have to fly back. Take my advice, don' t but an air ticket+, buy a bus ticket and GO LOCAL
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We had a blog post back in June that talked about Medical Tourism that may be of interest. You can click here to read it.

There was also an article posted today by (which is a website mainly for dentists) titled "The pros and cons of dental tourism".  Click here to see the article.

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