Dental Implants in Costa Rica

  • Kikidom
  • 2 months ago

Hello ALL,   I went to a dentist in nyc not far from my office and she took X rays and came up with a 3 treatment plans ranging from 28k (no implants, dentures), 44k (bridges and dentures) and lastly 58k with implants...this is all with using my great dental insurance with Delta Dental. Like most of us here we have grown up lives with bills and other expenses. So, I can't afford that and the dentist was talking about waiting 5 years to complete all the work using my insurance and paying out of pocket. I also, contacted care credit and they state that they only cover procedures in the U.S. I am strongly leaning towards Dr. Anglada or Obando. I've read some good things about Dr. Prada and Dr. Meza (sp)So, my question for you all is:1.How did you finance your work? I know I can't afford to do it all at once but I can at least start so I'm not miserable. I'll even consider trying to get a loan through my credit unions. 2.Do you have any advice about getting my insurance to cover more?3. Have any of you heard of a Dr.Brenes?Feel free to pm me any information that you may have.Thanks all,Kikidom

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