Dental Implant Question- Bridge or Individual Crowns???

  • lala516
  • 6 months ago

I had three implants placed in my lower jaw two years ago.  In addition to the three implants, I also paid for three crown to be placed on individual implants.  When it was time to put on crowns, the dentist stated it would be better to place a bridge over the implants, as opposed to three individual crowns. He said it would be more stable.  I told him- that I really wanted three separate teeth.  He told me this was standard.  Now- after having nothing but issues with the bridge-hipped two days after placement, falls out every 6 months, gums bleeding- if I was being told the truth.  I spoke with a dentist friend- who said I should not have paid for three implants (rather two) if a bridge was going to be placed, nor should I have been charged for three separate crowns when a bridge was placed.  He said a bridge should have been less expensive.  I would like to know if three implants were placed- would it have been okay to have had three separate crowns- as opposed to a bridge.  The back of the bridge actually chipped a few days after he placed it- and he said it was okay like that (no one would see it). I feel like he should have fixed that.  I just want to know if what he did was the norm?  Just wish I could have had separate crowns and if that wasnt the case- wish I had been told that from the get go. I also want to know if I was overcharged- and unnecessary implant was placed?  Any answers/opinions would be greatly appreciated! Thanks