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Denied Care Credit, going to try with a co-applicant, has anyone been denied even with a great co-applicant?

  • Ashley26FolsomCA
  • Folsom, ca
  • 3 years ago

I was really surprised when my husband was denied (my credit is no credit!) for Care Credit, now we are scratching our heads and going to see if his father will be a co-applicant, I am really nervous that even with him we will get denied, I will be devastated!!! He has excellent credit, no debt and an awesome income with a hefty amount in his bank account, plus other assets.....I was just wondering what my chances were, thanks ladies and thumbs up to those of you that everything worked out for!!

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I have had two accounts with them for 5 yrs or more, was paying slow but then was able since they charge so much on top of late pymts I made sure for over two years both pymts were made right on time, finally got a head a little and paid them off all at one time. fior my being a good customer and loyal customer they allowed me to use my card while I owed them money, then after paying them off in Julyy 2010 I now have a severe tooth ache and my accts have been closed. NICE! I am now 56, husband 56, I am disabled make 1002 per month, July 18th myhusband had a hrt attk, fell into seizures and fractured his spine, he lost his job that day. He was a mechanic and they would not let him work in a shop anymore due to liability. Now trying to get his disability we can not fix his back and he cannot tolerate extreme heat as in a auto shop and he has osteoperosis, falling can hurt him trememdously. this is what we seniors get, they told us they closed our accts due to medical bills we show owing, cant get medicaid, lost my insurance on us when I became disabled from an accident at albertson;s where I worked for 4 yrs. Not old enough for medicare and now I have to sit here in lots of pain because I can not get a tooth pulled. cost is 80-125 cash, we hardly get our bills paid now on 1002 per month with a house pymt and regular bills. Nice Company that CARE credit, they need to change their name to wecouldcarelesscredit! Now due to our bad scores if I had just not paid them I would have 2500 in the bank to have a tooth pulled, that what I paid them! Paid them off!
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I work for a company that sets up dentist so they can offer a NO CREDIT CHECK IN HOUSE FINANCING! To qualify you just need a source of income, a checking account, and no history of writing bad checks.The dentist gets paid up front in just 5 business day's and the patient has up to 180 days to pay! Contact me and give me the name of the dentist in your area and I will try and sign him up. I'll even give a finders fee if I do sign them up! 509-226-5389.
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So let's say you need 1,200 dollars worth of work done ASAP then after that a root canal and crown that's going to be 2,200. How exactly does this work . My email is *******@****.com thanks for any info will be greatly appreciated.
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I was also denied care credit and after talking with the nurse at the doctor's office she said most people are denied or get really low balances. It's through Citi Bank. They also offer a program through Chase bank. Maybe check with the dr office and see if they go through another bank.
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I ended up opting our for carecredit, so disregard!!!
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