deflated implant

  • flamom
  • Florida
  • 1 year ago

My left breast implant has deflated.  My PS seems to think that it is pretty empty at this point.  I am wondering, because I am seriously considering having them removed, how much smaller they could be once the implant is removed.    They are 13 years old tomorrow, hows that for timing??   They were placed under the muscle and are smooth.     I am 51 one years old and even though I would have never have considered getting them removed had this never happened but it has and I can't even think about going through this again with another failure down the line.   I realize they will not look the same as they did before but am coming to grips with the thought.  At least I think I am.  I was extremely happy with them up until Monday when I noticed it.  Love my PS as this is not her fault and the work she did 13 years ago was awesome!   It is not the cost so much as new implants are really the cheapest part of the procedure, the doctor, the other surgery costs, ect make up more of the cost.  It is that I can't be doing this again and again.   Maybe the odds go down, my feeling is I don't want to find out again.   My husband does not want me to get them redone and three times, if there were to be another failure of some kind would be asking a lot I think.    Sure he likes the way they look but it was my desire to get them not any prodding on his part.     Just wonder what others have done if they have had a failure of an implant.   I would imagine most get them redone and that was certainly the way I felt at first now I am just not sure.      Thanks for listening!  Jean