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I just had a deep plane face lift 2 weeks ago, and my face looks pulled back

  • Susie Q1113440
  • San Diego
  • 3 years ago

I had a deep plane facelift 2 weeks ago. My face looks pulled back/stretched & I look like I have a "plastic face". What can I do to correct this? Will this ever go away? if so, how long will it take. I also had nose job & tip of my looks upturned like a snout. Side view of nose looks ok.

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Whoops, I meant FAT. Does the FAT in the face come back in 6 months, & continue to blossom. Is that what happened to you?
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Hang in there. It is way too early to worry about looking pulled. I had a facelift, temple lift and fat transfer in November of 2009. I love my results.

At first you will look overdone because the skin will eventually relax. Also it takes a while for swelling to go down.

You have to be patient. Healing is a slow process and it takes a long time to know the final results. Give it at least 6 - 9 months. Results will continue to develop upt to a year.
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How was your fat transfer? Did the fat go away, and then come back? I also had fat transfer 4 months ago, & face lift 1 month ago. The fAcelift is settling, but fat transfer in face has not returned. Does the fact come back/blossom in 6 months? That is what my plastic surgeon told me. Is that what happened to you?
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Susie, I had my first fat transfer (along with a face lift) in November 2009. In November 2010 I had a second stage fat transfer because I wanted to add fat to my forehead and to my temple area. I also wanted a little more fullness to my cheeks.

From my experience with both fat transfers the fat does not go away and then come back. Not all of the fat survives the transfer so as the swelling goes down some of the fat dies off as well. The fat that dies off is just absorbed by the body. It does not come back.

The good news is that that fat that survives the transfer is permanent.

You will not see the fat come back to your face. Often a second or third stage transfer is needed to achieve the desired results.
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It may take some time. Are you still swollen? This can make you feel a lot tighter than you will be once the swelling goes down.

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