Decreasing cup size and replacing saline with Mentor gel implants

  • stanley0426
  • atlanta, ga
  • 4 years ago

I am currently 350/400 cc in saline implants but want a much smaller breast implant size - and want to switch to Mentor gel breast implants. is 300/350 much smaller or barely a difference? i want to be a B cup and origianlly was A. with the 350/400 saline it is pushing a D cup.

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i want to be a full size c with silicone breast implant what size cc to use? i had 400cc saline and i have to have them replaced i was a 34d. i am having a lift and replacing the saline with silicone. i want to go from the 34d to a full 34c. the silicone will be under the muscle.will 300cc make me a 34 full c. before my first breast implant i was a 34b and the 400cc saline made me a 34 d.

In your case There is only ONE WAY TO BE 100% sure. if you are willing to undergo two surgeries Have the surgeon remove some saline from the present implants(NEED SURGERY) make one side 350, the other 250, then decide beteen 350, 300, 275, 250 or less.