Perry, Pazmino or Mendieta: Decision on which doctor to chose for BBL?

  • goldengirl1973
  • 2 years ago

Trying to decide which doctor to go with. Have had consultations with Dr Perry, Pazmino and Mendieta. Really love Dr Perry but wasnt overly inpressed with his Pics. The staff at Dr Mendieta really have me considering going with him as all of them have had the procedure done and it really helps when you can see, feel and talk to persons with personal experiences. Pazmino seemed very good with lipo but again none of his staff have had any procedures done by him and to me that doesn't seem like a good sign. If anyone has previous experiences or pictures with any of the above doctors to help me make a decision would love to hear from you. ThanksĀ 

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Hi there, welcome and thanks for sharing your journey with us. I've put some links below to the reviews for those doctors you mentioned. If you look through their reviews you'll be able to find reviews, experiences and pictures of our BBL community members.

Dr. Mendieta Reviews

Dr. Perry Reviews

Dr. Pazmino Reviews

Hope this helps!

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Hi gg1973- I have an appointment scheduled with Dr. P the first week of Nov. I too questioned why the staff didn't have any photos, but I was assured that they were all on his computer. When I had my iConsult, he showed me 2 that were similar to my body type. I was also told that I could see more before my surgery. I must agree that there aren't to many people on this site that go to him, but he only does one a day vs some Dr. preforming 2-3 a day. I also don't see that many ppl on pics for Dr. Mendenita (who is also really $$$$), so I am not sure if it's cost, or if it's just that a lot of people are willing to wait that long.
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