Decided to replace my saline under the muscle implants with cohesive gel. Soooo nervous!!

  • Sassy Fairy
  • Georgia
  • 1 year ago

I've had my implants in for 18 years (24 yrs old when I had them done). I haven't had any problems and my PS did a great job. The only option available when I had them done was saline. They look great but I can feel the ripples on the implant around the outer edges. Saw my original PS last week and scheduled surgery for Jan 17. He said it was a straight forward procedure just go in through the original incision (around nipple) and use the same pocket.  But being on this site is getting me all paranoid and thinking I might be bottoming out on one side.  Would my PS have been able to notice and mention if I were having an issue like that?  I know I'm probably getting all "pre-surgery paranoid" and probably making myself crazy.....