Decided to replace my saline under the muscle implants with cohesive gel. Soooo nervous!!

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I've had my implants in for 18 years (24 yrs old when I had them done). I haven't had any problems and my PS did a great job. The only option available when I had them done was saline. They look great but I can feel the ripples on the implant around the outer edges. Saw my original PS last week and scheduled surgery for Jan 17. He said it was a straight forward procedure just go in through the original incision (around nipple) and use the same pocket.  But being on this site is getting me all paranoid and thinking I might be bottoming out on one side.  Would my PS have been able to notice and mention if I were having an issue like that?  I know I'm probably getting all "pre-surgery paranoid" and probably making myself crazy.....

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I just don't kno wwhy u would want to worry so much? I got a revision just 3 weeks ago . As you i had got salines over 12 yrs ago and after my kids , i felt ripples when i bent over and my bags had deflated and such. I replaced tehm with sili's memory gel and HP and i'm loving them so much. ANd because u already have a pocket the recovery is so much easier than my first BA. GO for it. Just take it easy and i don;t see why there would be a problem. good luck
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Thank you for sharing your experience. I'm more relaxed and much less stressed over it right now. My surgery is in a couple weeks and I'm looking forward to being done with it. My PS is confident it will be a simple procedure and an easy recovery. Thanks again! :)
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Hi there,

If you're worried you're bottoming out, you might want to discuss this with your surgeon in case he needs to revise the pocket. If he's an experienced, board-certified surgeon I imagine he would've noticed, but you should put your mind at ease and just bring it up.

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I'm probably just freaking out b/c I'm sure either my PS (he is board certified) or the nurse would have noticed at my consultation if I had any problems with the pockets. I didn't even think I had a problem til I started reading all the posts about "bottoming out" (hypochondria???).... But I'll mention it at my pre-op appt. just to put my mind at ease. Thank you :)
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