I'm trying to decide whether or not to have a breast reduction.

  • Denver698
  • 3 years ago

I'm 30, weigh 155lbs, am 5'6" and have had very large breasts my whole life (starting in 5th grade). I now wear a 38J. I have huge divets in my shoulders and have always had back/neck/shoulder pain. I am a textbook case for a reduction and my mom, who is also very well endowed, has always told me that I should get a reduction, that she regrets never doing it. Here is my major concern: my breasts have become such a huge part of who I am. It took me so long to be comfortable with my body and the stares I ALWAYS get that I'm scared to change it. They are a big part of me. I'm really nervous that I will no longer be ok with myself and my self-image. I have a very small body and huge boobs and am used to stares and comments. I know it sounds ridiculous but I'm worried that if I stop getting attention my self-esteem will go down. I know it doesn't make sense for a successful, independent woman, but apparently my sense of self is really tied to my breasts. The pain or fact that I'll have scars doesn't really worry me, though I am a bartender and concerned about the loss of income. Anyway has anyone else had similar concerns? Can anyone help me out or add any info?