December Tummy Tuckers Check In Here

  • 2 years ago

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Booked for dec. 4th!!!! So excited!!
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My scar did not heal well. It looks terrible - going to the doctor today to see about a revision. Did anyone else have to get their scars re-done??
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I did. My scar pulled apart & I had massive spitting stitches that just wouldn't quit. I'm so glad that I had the revision.
Did your PS charge for the revision? I'm HOPING he does it free as it appears the lines are not clean and the scar is much higher than I thought/was told it was going to be...
I only paid for anesthesia. I didn't want to be put to sleep, but I was told in order to get the best results it is best to go under & not do an in office procedure. You should have a revision clause in the paperwork you signed.
Amazing :) Thank you so much!!! Cross your fingers for me :)
Did anyone's PS stitch their drain holes? I have a friend who said hers did. Is this normal or what most do?
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Mine were not stitched after the drains were removed.  I kept the holes clean and dry and they closed up within a couple of days.
Hi all my old friends!! I'm at 10 months... Love the flat tummy... However still getting swelling - anyone else? I was 5lb heavier yesterday than today. I find myself wearing my binder at times to try and get rid of it. I know they say a year... So hoping in two months it will be perfect? Lol I still have major numbness which doesn't bother me. Anywho - anyone else still experience swelling? Or is this normal people bloat that I didn't experience before because of all the extra skin??
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Hello I had mine done last Dec 7th and yes I still get swelling. I wake up flat but still swell in the night I am hoping by Dec I will be fully healed. the bootom of my tummy is still numb too
Hi all I had my procedure last dec and today my BB just started randomly oozing - could I be spitting a stitch? Thanks for any feedback
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I am very upset b/c my tummy is not flag after my full tuck. The area from my BB down is flat as a board. But then above the BB my stomache completely puffs out. It's like I have a double-tiered stomache. Can anyone relate to this? My surgeon said it's my body type and that I should do ab workouts -- but I didn't think I'd have to super workout to get a flat tummy after this gruelling procedure. ??
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Did you have lipo anywhere? I think my stomach would look like that if I hadn't had lipo to my upper abs.
I had lipo on my two sides, but not on my upper abs. The doctor pulls at my skin, and there is absolutely no fat there. He says I just have to work the muscle, that he has done all that he can. I just don't understand and wonder if he just did not pull me as tight at the top?
It is hard to tell from the pics you posted. If you are unhappy, you should get a second opinion. (((hugs)))
I have that too but its only at the end of the day I wake up flat . My doctor told me to do sit ups too lol I said the same thing lol. My doctor told me it takes a year to fully recover . My tt was Dec 07
July 7th made 7 months for me. I have experienced a new round of swelling and the numbness still remains. Neither of these really concern me because I realize this is all normal. However, my tummy is never totally flat. Additionally, the left side of my tummy is fatter than the right side. On the right side I can pinch up a minimal amount of skin. The left side I can pinch almost 3 inches!!! I don't think this is normal at all! Standing and looking straight at my tummy you can see the difference. When I turn to the right it looks pretty much like the results I expected. Looking from the left side I can see a bulge. Sitting and looking down my right side looks good but the left side almost sits on my upper thigh. Gross! Hubby says no one would notice this except me. I say it is me that I went through the TT for so....I want it to be perfect :( I am fairly small (105#'s 5'4") and have neither lost or gained weight since my TT. I pointed this out to my PS a couple of months ago. He said it was pulled as tight as possible. I can't believe the difference should be this noticeable. I am afraid he did not remove enough skin. I have another appointment with him this week to discuss removal of a small dog ear. Of course this asymmetry will be discussed again. If I don't get some reassurance that this will resolve I will be seeking a second opinion. With all this said...I am anyone else experiencing this?
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Hey has anyone from this group had dog ears fixed yet.. I go Thursday... What should I expect.
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I haven't had mine yet. Going to see the PS on Friday. Hope it goes smoothly for you!
I scheduled mine for early September (unless they have a cancellation before then). I hope your appointment went smoothly!
I had my dog ear fixed it looks so much better I'm very pleased I'm a little sore but not bad at all I will post picture soon. I had to fly to Florida the next day and it was no big deal!
I did. Not bad at all - also had a small section of the scar revised. Nothing at all compared to the original surgery. Just a little tender...
Hi all!!! Well it is just past 6 months for anyone still slightly swollen??? when I get up tummy looks mid day tummy starts to puff out under rib cage....I have to hold it in to look totally flat. by night time I am to tired to care..and I look swollen. Tummy is hard...I just expected it to be totally flat. Unless it is my makeup....I never had a totally flat tummy, ever. Saw the Dr in may and he said from the extensive MR done it may be swollen for up to a year!!!!! I had separation up and across muscles. Anyone have this issue??? thanks! barbara
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babzie, my TT was Nov 19 and I have not had significant swelling since about 14-15 weeks post op (March). Sometimes I think I am swollen and I turn out to be *blush* constipation. Do you think that may have an effect? If I miss a day or two of "regularity" I start to look a little bulge-y but I am totally flat after relief from that...sorry if TMI! Being just a little bit distended is noticeable now that my stomach is totally flat.
it could be!!!!! I always had bloating and gas problems. I was hoping that after tighting up the muscles it would not be as noticeable!!!!! I have one more check in July....going to ask the Dr!!! Thanks!