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  • 2 years ago

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Three months for me! Doing well. I'd do it again. Still kind of sore sometimes but I think its part of the healing process. Got my before and after pics done at the doctors the other day. So glad I went through with it. My scars are red and raised and I'm bigger than I thought I would be but they assured me that I'm still healing. That my scars will get better with time and that I should go down another size or so. They arent boxy or hard anymore but still very perky! I'm excited to wear cute tops this summer!
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Three months out for me now, too, & mine are still square-ish and hard... all bodies are different. :o)
Its been 4months for me is everyone else healing? Would you do it again?
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its been three months for me,i would most definitely do it again. i was 38 dd and now im 38 B and it feels great . my clothes fit so much better, my body looks more proportioned .
Peppermolly, I was and am same size as you , but mine are still so ugly! My BR was Nov 15. Will they look better as time goes on?
Also, peppermolly, I seem flat chested, did yours get rounder with time?
Hey ladies I received a bill for 500$ today from the hospital for lab testing. Have any of u ladies received a bill for testing? I think this may be a mistake my proposal for surgery said nothing about this
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That happened to me, actually, and my doctor's office told me to send my insurance info to the lab. They didn't have it before because I was self pay for the surgery, but they think insurance will cover te lab. Of course, this all depends on your kind of insurance and why they did the test, but calling your doctor would be a starting point, and also call the phone number on the bill.
Thanks ladies for all your encouragement. I have lots of drainage today. I will call my PS (I have her cell) and let her know. I went back to work this week and there is no way with all the drainage that I can go in tomorrow. I've changed dressings and bra twice today already. If she cannot extend my leave then I'll take the week off as vacation time. We all have the right to whine our heads off. We had serious surgery.
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I was told most people go to a real bra at 6 weeks but since mine was such a large reduction I have to go till 8weeks in either my compression or a sports bra. My question, when can I sleep bra less?
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I wore my bra 24/7 except for showering for 4 months.  I totally believe that doing this really helps the shaping.  

I don't think I could sleep comfortably without my surgical bra, yet. It holds everything in place so I can sleep on my side without gravity pulling much. But now that swelling is reduced, it's not very tight at all-- way more comfy than a regular bra.
What kind of surgical bra did you get Kathleen? Now that I'm only two and a half months out I am starting to think about these things, because I have a feeling the day will be here in a flash! If anyone else really liked theirs I would love to hear from you too :D
It was made by Marena, I think they have an online catalogue. They run small-- I usually wear a 34 or 36 inch band, but got a 42C (my nurse ordered it).
hi my surgical bra was also made by Marena , what i really liked was the wide elastic band under your boobs. very comfortable it doesnt hurt your incisions at all. also it has adjustable hooks on the shoulder for adjustments. great surgical bra. after three months i still ware it to sleep very comfortable
anyone know how long until the transition from sports bra to normal bra occurs?

I am so over being prepared but not allowed to excercise.
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Ever surgeon is different, but mine has suggested that I stay in a sports bra until I'm six weeks post-op. I've bought some super lightweight, normal bras with no underwire (Barely There brand) and I may start wearing them once in a while under my work clothes, because sports bras are pretty hard to hide.

I think that he said I should wait until six months out for underwire bras, but I'm in no hurry to return to them. I just want cute, comfy bras that look decent under clothes.
I'm at 5 weeks, and still wearing the compression bra. I got two (so I could wash one, and have the other to wear), and although doc said I could wear a sports bra instead, this is just so much more comfortable. Sports bras squeeze just a bit around the incisions. I have a non-sports bra I got (no underwire) that I can wear when I'm comfortable to try it, and I think this week I might be.

I am a wimp and value comfort over fashion. If I were not so wimpy about soreness, I could have worn the regular bra this past week. Doc just told me to stick with what's comfortable, and no underwires for 6 months.

I was told no underwire bras for 4-6 months.  But honestly I never went back to those.  

I wore my comfy surgical bra for 6 months.  The doctor told me that the longer I stayed in it the better off I would be.  It was so comfortable and I had four of them so I just stayed in them for a long time.

on my second month of my surgery my doctor told me i could start wearing a normal bra. at first i could only wear it for a few hours at a time cz my boobs would start to hurt after a while, so every day i would wear it a little longer untill my boobs got used to them im three months after and normal bras look and feel great. i guess it all depends on how fast you are healing
Oh Greek, I'm so sorry to read your troubles. I am 5 weeks as well and just started back on antibiotics becase my breasts a quite red. I know a lil of how you feel. It's like at 5weeks we feel like this should be just about over and it's not. Hang in there sounds like you've got a good PS in your corner.
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I'm almost 5 weeks post op. Left side is healed up but side, well my nipple after surgery looked bruised. Then it developed a hard surface like giant scab. Well it turned out to be necrosis. My PS has been great. I've been seeing her like every week-10 days. She is very confident that this will be okay. It is starting to come loose around the edges and underneath the skin is pink. It has the most awful smelly discharge. I'm suppose to wet it in the shower, squeeze the edges and then put gauze on it. I'm so depressed. I just spent the whole day crying. She told me that once it falls off then the nipple can start to heal. She put me on antibiotics again. I feel so pathetic right now.
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Oh man, I am so sorry to hear that. Puts my whining in perspective. It sounds like you have a great PS who is on top of it, but I'm sorry that you had to go through it in the first place. Totally disheartening, but one day this will just be a memory and you'll be all the way healed up.

You're not pathetic - I think that anyone would cry in your situation. Five weeks is a long time to wait for healing. Take good care and keep us updated.
Greek, I'm so sorry. I think crying is a totally normal reaction, but it sounds like your doctor is on top of it. Please keep us updated.
Hey, Greek, how's it going? It's been a couple weeks. I was wondering if you've had any improvement.