Have you dealt with trying to survive after receiving silicon injections

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In August, 2013, in Panama City, I had what was supposed to be a small plastic surgery called a "mini lift".  I had what I thought were disastrous results.  The surgeon did completely the wrong surgery, a full neck lift, and so caused serious injuries to the lymph glands in my neck and the tissue behind both of my ears became ischemic which means permanent scar tissue because the skin was pulled so tightly.  I had incisions all around my ears when I was supposed to have only incisions in front of my ears.  The incisions lines were done horribly, crooked and not in the crease of the ear where plastic surgeons usually make them. He cut off part of my left ear lobe.  All of these injuries and the resulting scars are permanent.  But the WORST discovery was that he injected my entire jawline with a plastic chemical fluid called "Biopolymer" which causes life-long health problems eventually in 100% of cases.  The material is illegal in the U.S. and many other countries. It is like the gel inside of a breast implant but WITHOUT the shell to protect your body from the toxic material.  If injected "freely" into the body depending on where it is injected), it causes burning pain, scar tissue to develop around it, chronic inflammation and it can migrate to other parts of the body causing tumors, infections, heart attack or pulmonary inflammation all of which can result in death.  I had no choice in having this horrific illegal thing done to me and all surgeons who I saw in the U.S. said that it MUST be removed in order to save my life but it can't be removed because it would be extremely dangerous and disfiguring to attempt to do on my face and neck.  Two doctors in Columbia advertise they remove biopolymer, one by laser which definitely cannot be done in my case and one by open surgery.  I am going to see that doctor for a consultation very soon. Steroids did not diminish the severe inflammation in my face and neck.  My situation is critical since the biopolymer has migrated down my neck and is so close to my heart and lungs.  Does anyone know of other surgeons who are specialists in removing biopolymer who I may be able to contact?  I appreciate your help greatly!

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Dr Lee in Beverly Hills, ca. Dr karamanokian. As well. Look up butt injections and I believe both their contact is in there. Karamanokian may do a skype consult, Lee charges for his but tell his staff u are traveling and they may waive consult fee. I feel Dr. Lee does more facial work.
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Do you speak Spanish? Search for "retirar/extraccion de biopolimeros en cara" on Google, that should help you find doctors.
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