Deals & promos from Medicis (makers of Restylane)

  • Megan P
  • 2 years ago

Fillers are expensive, and all who use it seem to be looking for ways to make it more affordable.

The companies that make them seem to put out different promos & deals periodically so I thought we could all post the ones we hear about here. Hopefully we can help each other save a little money. :)

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In early June I sent in the form and required box flaps for the Rewards Redemption promotion. They have informed me that I did not submit the box flaps, but I know I sent them as I put an extra stamp on the envelope because of the weight. I think they are renigning on the refund after I sumitted proof of 4 injections.
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Wow, sorry to hear that has been your experience. :-/ Have you contacted the office you had the injections with? They should be able to verify it for you I would think(??).

Along with the box flaps I sent a copy of my bill from my dermatologist that confirms I received the Restylane injections. Supposedly Resylane is sending me a letter advising how I can contest this decision. To date, no letter has arrived.

Hopefully it arrives soon and things get all straightened out. I haven't used the Medicis program, but I have used the Allergan one and it is easy to set up all online, then your doctor just submits everything for you. Perhaps you can see if this is an option for the future to save yourself the hassle.

From what I have heard, in May there will be a promo running where you save $40 off a ML of Restylane, but you have to buy 2 MLs (so you would save $80 if I'm understanding correctly).

I'm pretty sure 1 ML is one full syringe, but I'm not positive.

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Here is a link to the Restylane (Medicis) website that gives the specifics on the May promo: